Leave doubts after the vaccine boom:

International gold plummeted by more than 4.5% on Monday, the biggest one-day drop since August 11, and set a new low since September 28 to $1,850.57 per ounce. Pfizer said that based on preliminary test results, it developed a new crown vaccine The effectiveness of more than 90%, thus boosting market risk appetite. With the surge in new cases, California and several states in the Midwest have once again strengthened travel restrictions. The increase in job vacancies in the United States in September was smaller than expected, and hiring declined, showing that even before new cases of new coronary pneumonia surged again, the momentum of the job market’s recovery was gradually blunt.

The surge in new crown cases is likely to slow down the US economic growth again in the next few months, and the government needs to introduce targeted assistance measures. Dallas Fed President Kaplan said on Tuesday that he was “cautious and concerned” about the risks of a short-term economic downturn due to the second wave of COVID-19.

International gold, London gold market strategy

Gold news: In the European market on Wednesday (November 11), the price of gold encountered resistance at US$1,885, and the price of gold fell by more than US$10 in the short-term. The rebound of international gold prices is facing weakening. People are worried about the surge of new crown pneumonia cases in the United States. And the large-scale application of the new crown vaccine is facing logistical challenges, or it may increase the attractiveness of the dollar. The trend of international gold at the opening this week experienced sharp volatility. On Monday, stimulated by news of optimistic vaccine progress, the price of gold fell sharply. Risk assets generally rose, while safe-haven assets such as gold and the U.S. dollar fell. However, in the end, gold prices were still supported near 1850. After the initial strong reaction from the market, the market has begun to calm down, and the price of gold has regained its footing, trading in the 1850 and 1920 range.

Gold market: Gold received a physical pillar with a shadow line yesterday. It is normal for a slight rebound after a sharp drop. The upper resistance is near 1893. The daily Bollinger Band continues to open downwards, and the MACD cross is formed. Begin to increase volume; the downward trend of Bollinger Bands on the 4-hour line remains unchanged. Yesterday, the gold price fluctuated around 1876. MACD Sicha decreased the volume; the Bollinger Bands on the hourly line flat closed, and the MACD Golden Chas continued to increase slightly. K line enters the shock repair stage

Spot gold remained in a wide range of 1860-1890 yesterday. From the daily line of the disk, it showed a volatile downward trend. The MACD cross, indicating that a downward trend is forming, and multiple moving averages have turned from support to resistance. The 4-hour level shows a trend of narrowing volatility, MACD crosses, and returns to the volatility pattern after the plunge. There is a rebound demand for short-term gold price trends. On the whole, gold’s short-term callback is the main one, supplemented by the rebound from high altitude. The top short-term focus is on the first-line resistance of 1885-1890, and the bottom short-term focus on the 1850-48 first-line support. Friends who have a set, but the author of the single line, because the author Chen Shuao does not know the position of your set and the details of your position, it is difficult to give a corresponding unset strategy.

International crude oil and London oil market analysis:

Crude oil news: On Wednesday (November 11), the price of crude oil in Shanghai rose sharply. The main contract 2012 closed at 255.9 yuan/barrel, up 7.6 yuan/barrel, or 3.06%, and hit a new high since October 28 to 257.4 yuan. /barrel. Because of the pessimism that the new crown vaccine will boost demand for crude oil, it overwhelms concerns that the immediate increase in epidemic prevention measures may hit demand; the decline in crude oil inventories issued by the American Petroleum Institute was much higher than expected, which also provided support for oil prices. However, EIA slightly lowered the forecast prices of U.S. crude oil and Brent oil prices in 2020 and 2021. The new crown epidemic in Europe and the United States is still worsening, and it is necessary to beware of falling oil prices.

Crude oil market: From the perspective of crude oil technical analysis, on the daily line, crude oil first fell and then rose the next day, continuing the previous trading day’s gains, and rising again. At the same time, crude oil opened today’s morning short-term piercing the US$42.0 mark and set a new high of US$42.26. Decline, there is still an upward trend in the day, or it will continue to bottom out; after 4 hours, crude oil continues to show an upward trend after a short-term callback the next day. The Bollinger Band is currently in an open period, the MA moving average is three lines up, and the KDJ stochastic indicator three lines are moving down. The red kinetic energy column of the MACD indicator continues to increase in volume, and the fast and slow lines are parallel to the upwards. On the whole, crude oil will have a decline in demand in the short term, or it will continue to rise based on the 4-hour MA5-10 daily moving average. Mostly, the rebound is supplemented by short-selling. The top focus is on the first-line resistance of 43.5-44.0, and the bottom focus on the first-line support of 41.5-41.0. Friends who have no direction or loss on the market can find Chen Shuao (csa14526) to solve it. No matter how small the capital is, it has the conditions to make a profit. Large capital has a large profit, and a small capital has a small profit.

Transaction logic: The short-term benefits continue to support the rise in oil prices, but the benefits need to be paid out. The ideal economic blockade and the impact of the epidemic have not been effectively controlled. According to U.S. Oil, the K-line has already run to the upper end of the box, and there is a risk of falling. INE crude oil is in the middle of the tank, which can be up or down, but it is greatly affected by American oil.