About MagKing Limited

MagKing is a leading international online foreign exchange, CFD and related service provider.

Our global business leadership team has extensive online trading experience and is committed to providing advanced technology and quality services to help our customers succeed in the financial market.

We are regulated in multiple jurisdictions around the world, have offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America, and attract more than 600,000 customers from 150 countries.

We are experts in leveraged trading. Customers can trade foreign exchange, indices, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies, and use market price fluctuations to obtain financial returns. Whether you are an experienced trader or a complete novice, we can help you freely ride the financial markets.

U.S FinCEN - Money services business (MSB)
U.S FinCEN - Money services business (MSB)
MSB License: 31000177700465

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Canada Fintrac - Money services business (MSB)
Canada Fintrac - Money services business (MSB)
MSB Number: M20174281

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Financial Services Authority St. Vincent the Grenadines
Financial Services Authority St. Vincent the Grenadines
Business Number: 26063 BC 2020

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Strictly Regulated Broker

MagKing, to help protect your account security

MagKing Forex is a responsible global well-known broker that handles customer fund insurance (CMI) business on behalf of its clients. It is a member of the responsible global financial service provider network and provides customers with an extra layer of security. What does this mean to you? In short: we have added extra protection so you can concentrate on trading.

  • The world's best online CFD and foreign exchange broker
  • 2020 Most Trusted Global Broker Award
  • 2020 Global Best Market Research and Education Award
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MagKing Forex's powerful trading technology, exclusive customer service, trading CFDs with suppliers with the highest overall satisfaction, and grasping better trading opportunities, we provide: currency pair trading, futures indexes, CFD indexes, cryptocurrency CFDs, crude wheat cocoa Commodities such as beans, precious metals such as gold and silver.


How can we help you?

Answering some common foreign exchange questions and providing you with the best quality service is our MagKing service tenet!

  • Are my funds and personal data safe?

    Absolutely safe! MagKing adheres to a strict regulatory framework. All our clients’ funds are deposited in separate bank accounts. This means that all accounts and investments are safe.

    In addition, we promise to take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your information. Please click here to learn more about our privacy policy.

  • How do I set up a real account?

    The steps to create an account are simple and quick. Click Create Real Account, fill in the form, and you will receive the login information in your registered mailbox immediately after completion. You can log in to our member area and click Deposit in the main menu to facilitate deposit. If you already have a MAGKING real account, you can add a new account through the member area.

  • What deposit/withdraw does MagKing provide?

    MagKing provides a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, bank wire transfers, and local payment solutions.

    Please note that we do not accept cash deposits.

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